How Can I Get More Involved?

There are many ways to benefit IWLA, either at the local level, or the state/national level.  Most of the time, you just need to know what needs to be done.  A good start is to be a member.  Once your off to a good start, you may wonder, “What can I do to help out?”   Start out by checking the club website.  Local upcoming events and work parties can be found on the club calendar, help is always needed.  Talk with your sponsor.  Find out when the next Board or Membership Meeting is to find out what projects or events are being planned.  Upon approval from the Board, we are actively seeking members to help the club with the following:

FINANCE CHAIRMAN (1 yr membership required

In addition to local conservation efforts, IWLA urges support from Congress to promote clean air and water, energy conservation, erosion reduction, wildlife and water protection, and pesticide reduction.  Through the national website,  it is easy to stay informed with the issues and  contact your U.S. Senator  and Representative to to urge their support.  They need to hear from League members and others who hunt, fish and enjoy the outdoors.